Thursday, March 4, 2010


Today, I was awarded for outstanding performance in my team and was given 50$ by client. (Not great money but good enough to cheer me up). This is the second time that such an award was given to anyone specific to my team. I am the second recipient for my team called RTB DMS.

OK what's good about it? Client knows that a guy exists, who has worked hard enough to earn a place as a better performer than most and thus creates visibility. Next, it gave me 50$ to shop which is greater than my monthly hike I got, so I got a hike more than many in one month. (Money is always good you see). Finally it gave me a sense of satisfaction if not more. That I can do things better than many (I knew this, now a few more people would agree).

Now this is a total contradiction to my earlier blog (a frustrated, pissed off blog, where I put my angst only), 50$ and did my opinion change? Nope it did not, I am still expecting my management to understand associates aspirations better and hope that the management recognizes this early than on site or client. But that's fine each one has their constraints and flaws. This award just gave me that cool breeze that I needed since long. (better late than never as my friend said, but I still disagree as it would have made more sense had I been given this earlier). Nevertheless, 50$ by client has cheered me up.

Now more than this, my team mate Abhijeet said that his fuel pipe was stolen and he had to stroll the bike a good 12KM to his home. Man this effort is more than what I did the whole of my career. And it deserves a toast but he was compelled to do it and so he did is my only qualm and I wish that none faces such a thing ever. While I just placed my ass in front a the system and gave something, this guy moved his ass 12KM along with that if his bike. I was working in a comfort zone with a sense of responsibility but he was compelled to be responsible and was taken totally out of his comfort zone. He couldn't comfortablyplace his ass.

But dude, I ain't gonna share mine but I hope you will be rewarded in a better way one fine day for your stupendous effort man.

Now, I wish that who ever works in my team gets such recognition but she must prove his worth. To wish is the easiest way to make someone happy, and gives an escapist route not to do anything, but I objectively would see to it that the help required is given for my team mates so that their knowledge is improved (I don't have great knowledge about everything but whatever I have I will share). And bringing in them an ownership mentality that their work is their own path to progress and nothing else can do that. (This is quiet a task that I did not take up yet, all the while I was thinking if I am doing it or not, now has come the time to bring this sense in others and I pledge to inculcate this, but the team mates need to co operate).

Happy for now, hope to be happier tomorrow and day after and so on.