Monday, June 15, 2009


I am writing this just to put the bullshit going on in my head out...

Well...I am living..sorry any ass does...laying my ass on the office seat and in front of the comp and dreaming...dreaming crap....dreaming about stories imaging how would this be how would that be...and then...dozing off to each nights sleep.......

I dream...dream of stories of those which I wanna see...I wanna read and I wanna make or let others know..

A tribal illiterate girl has lost her everything (husband and her child and can never even become a mother) she has nothing but hope left...and then how would it be if she studied and become a teacher?? I kick myself and I wrote some crap

There was a small boy Iqbal Masih...who was made bonded labour after his parents sold him to a those assholes and he worked in a carpet industry..he learnt that it was wrong as he wanted to do many other things too...and then he escaped that and also made 0.3 million kids free of labour...and what did the mafia assholes do it him.......KILL him...isn't it a story to be told?

Then a small state is formed as a result of agitation of so power hungry buggers and they get it in a democratic (powerful) way....and then what's the state of the would become a mess...imagine Kashmir is taken away by separatists (though they have lost the election they fought) and then it is ruined by those idiots...and they just keep fighting to loot it....(this guy Anurag Kashyap my favorite director made it in a great way.) but after getting the small state..then what? What would it be like?...another one that needs to be explored...

I want to tell this....cause I want to know these..cause I want to see these stories unfold myself...and the one quote that drives me is "If you haven't read a book that you wanna read then you write it yourself" and I want to see these things happening.....I damn want to....and it's this dream of seeing them with my own eyes that keeps me god damn surviving and nothing else

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