Saturday, November 28, 2009


For the first time, I am putting my views in public about marriage (knowing that hardly anyone would even read it). This is seriously about heterosexual marriages only

Marriage, the custom of entwining a guy and girl with a thread a ring, a bouquet of flowers or garland, anything but to show to the world that "hey, you see, she is mine and I am hers" or vice verse.

The reasons why guys marry are :
1) To have someone who can satisfy his physical feelings (you can go for a prostitute but, to satisfy male ego, there should someone referring whom, the guy says, this is mine meaning, he can do anything with her)
2) To have someone to take care of, when ill or in old age
3) To get rid of loneliness
4) To have someone cook his food, take care of his things for free (a free slave but she shows that illusion of love here. "Oh dear, here is your coffee, kiss me for this", yeah guys love this crap)
5) To have kids of course and one is required to take care of them
6) To take care of grand children too (if alive of course)

The reasons why girls marry are :
1) To have a certain kind of dependency so that they feel secure (in ancient days it was economic and social but now it's more of emotional, "Dear, I am feeling low, can I have your shoulder to keep my head on, that would make me feel better". Yes, it has to be the same shoulder every time).
2) Coz that would make life easier in society.
3) That would make them walk blissfully into ignorance
4) That will make them satisfy their physical cliches too

Fine, the reasons are acceptable, but the way the marriage happens is so pathetic and so showy.
"Hey see, this is my girl" this is the statement that the Guy when he marries, yes man she is yours for this life but do you need to tell that by this way? I ask this may be there is a way better than this and may be this is the best way for some but I condemn it whole hearted and my reasons are

1) Unnecessary usage of money
2) Things are not bound by threads and rings there has to be more meaning
3) Need not tell the world that comprises of such beings who come eat and walk away and later say "in such and such item so and so was missing". They curse you more than bless you

My reasons are not proper, sophisticated or anything and may be I am wrong for many who shall never even read this, but for me this is the best way I am.

Go and do a court marriage, just a legal document (a necessity for some purposes, this is again a social compulsion but even for a visa, this is required so its a must) and finish it off there. That's the only way I would do and the day I do it otherwise, I am no longer alive.

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suhasini said...

I agree with you to some extent. People in olden days performed marriages in such manner and the same way(bcos of this modren society it has become purely a business, its just a show off) is followed saying its our tradition and we need to follow.

Hmmm... Let me see how you will get married[If you have such plans :-)]